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A Uniquely Formulated Blended Skimmed Milk Powder with Whey Protein that provides lasting energy daily.

Start yours and your family`s day with BK18™

BK18™ will keep you energetic with your daily physical activities.

BK18™ is a dairy-based drink which includes vitamins that both support the immune function and are suitable for the whole family. The dairy base of the product comes from the world-renowned dairy region of Waikato, New Zealand.


We have combined one of the worlds most scientifically researched and advanced probiotics with New Zealand’s unique Manuka honey along with other specialist vitamins, which are designed to work with all the ingredients in BK18™.

Unlike other brands, BK18™ only included ingredients that are necessary. BK18™ has been scientifically formulated in New Zealand, through our collaboration with the New Zealand Nutritional Research Institute, located next to Massey University* in Palmerston North, New Zealand.

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IPV 33

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